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Crude Hemp Oil is extracted from the hemp as a viscous mixture of cannabinoids, terpenes and other minor compounds/plant matter. To further refine into Winterized-Decarboxylated Crude, the material is carefully heated and ran through a filtration system to remove fats, lipids and waxes. 

Hemp House Direct sources the purest and cleanest Winterized-Decarboxylated Crude Hemp Oil on the market, straight from the source - from the industry experts at the Hemp Foundry. 

The Hemp Foundry uses hemp grown on American soil by experienced and dedicated farmers and furthermore, processes the biomass right here in the USA at their laboratories in Steamboat Springs, CO and Monee, IL. 

Winterized-Decarboxylated Crude is the initial building block to CBD, CBG & other Hemp Oil products found on the market today. When building a brand, you need a good base and that's why brands prefer the Hemp Foundry - from seed to stomach. 

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