Squad Goals

Before we did anything, we talked to you - the consumer. We noticed an over-saturated market with consumers that didn't know where to turn and who to take advice from. So we put our ears to the ground and listened. What we learned, was astounding and is the driving force behind the experience we've curated for you.

Our team is comprised of industry experts in cannabis, hemp, graphic design, engineering, industrial design, marketing and consulting.

We believe the experience of buying hemp related products should be just as fulfilling as the product itself. We feel beyond fortunate to be able to bring this line of products to you, and stand behind them full-heartedly. Our squad is only possible because of you. 


Our mission is to provide an experience that mirrors the elegance, efficacy and ease of the hemp products we carry and stand behind. Your health and wellness are our number one priority, and that ethos is the guiding light behind everything we do.


Through integrity, respect and dedication - we aim to earn your trust and attention, while creating a community around shared values and interests. Just as we, the people, took back control of this beautifully abundant plant - we aim to be an integral part in your journey to take back control of your health and wellness.


We take health and wellness very seriously. It's the lifeblood to a fulfilled existence. We promise to make all decisions that effect you, our customer, with you at the forefront of our mind. Every single product that we carry has been vigorously tested to ensure it's up to your standards. From the seed that's planted in the ground, to the additives in the products we carry - everything must pass our quality control standards with flying colors before it see's the light of day on Hemp House Direct. Our promise is to always stay true to that integrity and dedication to this craft.


Our founder lost his sister due to complications associated with Lupus and has been promoting the benefits of cannabis to those suffering from Lupus, ever since. While cannabis wasn't available to her at the time, he aims to make sure that isn't the case for those with Lupus going forward. A portion of the proceeds from every single sale goes towards the Lupus Foundation of America. If you or someone you know lives with Lupus, our founder would like to hear from you.

Why Us? Why You? Why Not.

"You can't do good business with a bad person. Find the right people to work with, and you can't go wrong". - Richard Branson

Most businesses work for their shareholders and partners, not their customers and community. We believe that's the wrong approach and is at the core of what's wrong with the business sector in general.

Our business partner is you.

With you in mind, we can't go wrong.

Together, we can build something great - something that cares more about it's people, than profits.